Почтовые Марки Азербайджана – Azerbaijan Postage Stamps

Ошибки, Надпечатки, Фальшивки, Переизданки и Редкие Марки – Errors, Overprints, Forgeries, Reprints and Rare Stamps

Rare Stamps. Stamp investment tip: Azerbaijan 1998, November, 13. Chess. Disney.

1998_azerbaijan6In 1998, Azerbaijan presented the philatelic world with a taste of such madness by combining two utterly unrelated popular topics (Chess and Disney) on sets of stamps (Scott #678A-79) and souvenir sheets (Scott #680-81) honoring the World Rapid Chess Championship. The first set is actually a set of nine stamps, because #679 is a sheet of 8 different stamps picturing Disney characters. Though the issue may seem 1998_azerbaijan1inane, investing in it does not necessarily mean that one is as stupid as “Goofy” or “Dumbo.” Only 13,000 of each set was issued, and Scott ’11 prices the unused sets at $51.90 and $50.00, respectively.
Both sets make interesting and low-risk speculations based on their appeal as ridiculous combined Chess/Disney topicals, and as bets on the economic growth of Azerbaijan and the development of a stamp market there.
This recommendation is consistent with my belief that one of the best ways to play the new and newly resurrected countries of Europe and Asia is to focus on popular topicals with low printings.
 1998_azerbaijan2 1998_azerbaijan3  1998_azerbaijan51998_azerbaijan4
 A printing is offset on chalk-overlay paper with glue. Perforation: 14.0. Size of the stamp: 38.1×50.8 mm, Size of the sheetlet: 182.0×145.0 mm, Souvenir sheet: 128.0×112.0 mm. Multicoloured. Printed by THOQ, London.
There are 8 (4×2) in the sheet.
N 520 – 527 – 500 man. of each.
Souvenir sheets:
N 528 – 4000 man. Pink coloured.
N 529 – 4000 man. Pale blue coloured.
N Pictures of Disneyland’s personages playing rapid chess.
Circulation:13000 of each.
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Эльхан Джафаров. Ноябрь 2015 г.


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